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Poker Odds Calculator

Ever wondered what are the chances of your hand winning against another? With our free poker odds calculator, you can calculate the odds of any poker situation. It gives you the likelihood of winning in a matter of a few seconds when all hole cards are known.

Learning basic poker odds and probabilities of different hands winning the showdown is one of the easiest ways to get an edge in poker. Just select your preferred poker variant from Texas Hold’em, PLO, PLO5, and Short Deck and the cards that are in play. You can then see odds for different hands winning.

Poker Odds FAQ

Poker odds are used for calculating the chances of holding a winning hand. Every scenario in poker has underlying probabilities based on the mathematics of the game. A good poker player has memorized the odds of all the most common situations. They can quickly figure out the rough odds for almost all scenarios that they face at the tables.

A poker odds calculator gives you the winning ratio of your hand by using the Monte Carlo simulation method or another statistical model. The likelihood of winning is calculated by dividing the number of games won divided by the total number of times games simulated.

You can reduce the number of mistakes you make by using a poker calculator. Once you learn the odds of a new matchup you hadn’t encountered before, you’ll remember it for the next time the situation arises.

Poker outs are any upcoming community cards that can help you form the winning hand. For example, if you have an inside straight draw aka gutshot with KQ on the flop of T95, you would make the nut straight with any Jack. If your opponent holds a pair of Aces, you have four outs to outdraw him. If he had Ace-Ten instead, your outs would increase to ten (4 Jacks, 3 Kings & 3 Queens).

Pots odds can be calculated with a simple formula:

  1. Calculate the final pot size if you would call the previous bet or raise.
  2. Divide the size of the call by the final pot
  3. Multiply the result by 100 to get a percentage.


Learning from your mistakes is one of the methods best poker players use to gain an edge at the table. By taking the time to go through your past hand histories, you can identify how to make better decisions next time. Remember: Poker takes just a few minutes to learn and a lifetime to master!

It depends on how serious you are about poker. For professional players, daily studying is essential. For recreational players, studying poker is more about satisfying your curiosity about the game. Knowing the basic odds of poker by memory doesn’t hurt anyone though!


Johannes Turunen

Johannes is the Editor in Chief at Beasts Of Poker and is an expert in both live & online poker. Johannes played online poker semi-professionally for 5 years while completing his Master’s Degree in Technology.

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