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Ad Agency Manager

We are looking for an Agency Manager to grow with our company (yes, we are kicking ass in gaming affiliation as well). Your responsibilities would include agency accounting and transaction management. You’d handle queries from our key clients and interact with them. Sales are not a necessity but get rewarded with considerable bonuses.

You get to work closely with Beast’s management as their right hand and look after our highly skilled but unorganized shareholders. They are the members of our Pro Team, such as the best PLO player on the planet EEE27, Party Pro Joni Jouhkimainen, and others. The ability to create, test, and improve new processes is highly appreciated. As our company is growing rapidly, there is a chance for talented individuals to take up continuously more challenging tasks.

We expect you to understand poker and affiliate business on a general level, be organized and proactive. Basic accounting and Excel skills are necessary. We appreciate hard-working people with new ideas and take care of our team members in every possible way.

If you feel like there might be a Beast inside you, send us a simple CV and your application at [email protected] with the title Agency Manager.

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Prop Player

If you are looking to make very easy money with poker, how about getting paid for raking? We are looking for proposition players who want to get paid an enormous rakeback by playing mobile poker games.


1) You may play any game of any limit.

2) You must not take the final seat at the table.

3) When your table becomes full, you must join another game of a similar game and limit. If you do this, you may remain at your full table.

4) You must always be at a minimum of one table that is not full unless you are seated at 3 or more tables. Once you are at 3 or more tables you do not need to join any more tables.

5) It is not required to check in with the Shift Manager. However, your play will be monitored.

If you want to become a prop player, click Apply now and enter your email address for further instructions.

About the Position

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Proposition Players - Earn money by raking

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