Mobile Poker Apps FAQ

Because it’s quite convenient and you can access games anywhere at any time. You don’t need to boot up your PC or Mac but just take your smartphone out of the pocket and start playing, simple as that!

The ones we have reviewed in this article, such as partypoker, PPPoker, Upoker and PokerStars.

They basically work the same as any other poker platform you can play on with your desktop computer: You sign-up, make a deposit and start playing. How it differs though is that the actual game play on one table is still smooth whether you’re traveling or simply having some extra time anywhere that you want to use for playing poker on the go.

Probably Texas Holdem, based on its popularity. Pot-Limit Omaha is quickly growing in popularity too, and especially Asian players have started to play more PLO with their iPhones, Android smartphones and tables.

Absolutely – on top bonuses, you can get rakeback by registering through us. First deposit bonuses are available for specific apps such as the partypoker app. Almost all of the online poker rooms we have reviewed here will entitle you to receive rakeback by playing on their app, which can be as high as 40%!

The answer is yes, as you can’t play real money poker against other players if you’re not connected to the internet. You can practice on free play function though, which is available on some poker apps also offline, but we recommend practicing even free play online against real people so that you learn faster.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages, so it’s up to your preferences. Many leading poker networks offer both desktop and mobile version of their poker client, so you can play both home on your computer and on your phone while you’re on the move.

All our reviewed poker apps offer real money games – by choosing one of them to play on, you can start winning right off the bat.

Not necessarily – some mobile poker sites offer a web browser version that you can use on your phone. However, we do recommend installing the poker app as the game play will be smoother on the app whether your smartphone runs on iOS or Android.

Basically the same way you would do so on your laptop or desktop. Instead of in-app purchases, you can choose the funding method most suitable to your need inside the app. When you go to the cashier, the app will simply require you to enter some info like credit card number & security code for processing your deposit. Withdrawals are easy once you have deposited, as you usually need to just choose the withdrawal amount and method, click ‘withdraw’.

For those apps that need you to be part of a club before playing, we suggest you to review our top clubs on PPPoker and other platforms found from our Poker Deals section. Feel free to contact us through Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram or the chat for more info!

Besides the UK client of PokerStars, we recommend trying out PPPoker or Upoker. Other apps available in UK include 888 Poker and partypoker.

Canadian players can access many real money poker apps such as PokerStars app, 888 Poker, PPPoker, UPoker and PokerBros.

Due to strict gaming laws in Australia, licensed online poker rooms cannot operate there. The only option is to play with apps that offer private poker clubs.

If you happen to live outside of Delaware, New Jersey or Nevada, the situation is the same as in Australia. In Delaware you can access 888 Poker, in Nevada you can play on app, and in New Jersey you can play on many apps such as the PokerStars app, the partypoker app and the 888 Poker app.


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